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Introducing our Assorted Flower CSA:


Indulge in a subscription of vibrant, locally-grown Alaska Bloom flowers once a month.

During the blooming season enjoy the essence of Alaskan summers with a variety of fresh, farm-picked arrangements.

In the off-season, continue to revel in beauty and vibrancy through carefully sourced blooms that maintain the spirit of our local flora.


Join our community in celebrating the cycle of nature, from the heart of Alaska to your home, all year round.


Please note: 

Once you receive the initial email marking the start of your subscription, regular pickups will occur every Saturday for four consecutive weeks at our designated locations.

For Anchorage patrons, pickup is at the Farmer's Market. Off season, delivery arrangements will be made as needed.

For Wasilla customers, pickup will be directly at the farm. Additionally, we are flexible in arranging new pickup locations on a case-by-case basis.


If you would like us to send a card at no additional charge, please contact us. For the shipping please select farm pickup (it's free!)

Assorted Flower - Annual CSA Subscription - 2024

    • Growing Season: Early to mid-July when flowers are in bloom, through September.
    • Off Season: All other months.
    • Availability: You or your gift recipient can pick up your flowers in Anchorage or Wasilla
    • Pick up locations: 
       Anchorage: Farmer’s Market @15th and Cordova on Saturdays from 9 AM-2 PM
       Wasilla: Our farm at 1000 N. Satisfied Dr 
    • Notification:
      We will contact the email provided with pickup dates and locations, please regularly check for Alaska Blooms, including your spam.
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