For office orders only - buying 5 or more peony subscriptions in one location gurantees we will drop the peonies off - right at your place of work.

What makes our peonies different is our mission to provide quality over quantity. Each peony is cared for and harvested by hand. This ensures every peony you receive has the longest vase life possible, the most vibrant fragrance, the boldest colors, and of course a massive size. Treat yourself to four weeks of ten-stem arrangements of Alaskan grown peonies, farmers choice. Once a week from mid-July to mid-August. (Harvest can be unpredictable, dates subject to change)

If you would like us to send a card at no additional charge, please contact us. 

Office CSA Subscription - 2022

    • Start time: Mid-July when flowers are in bloom
    • Availability: you or your gift recipient can pick up your flowers in Anchorage or Wasilla
    • Pick up locations: (If less than 5 orders)
       Anchorage: Farmer’s Market @15th and Cordova on Saturdays from 9AM-2PM
       Wasilla: Our farm at 1000 N. Satisfied Dr Sundays 12-6PM
    • Notification:
      We will contact the email provided with pickup dates and locations, please regulary check for Alaska Blooms, including your spam.