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"I must have flowers always, and always"

-Claude Monet-

All good things in life are a little messy - kids, pets, cooking, gardening, and especially family.  Ours is no different. My parent's always had gypsy souls, dragging our family from Barrow, Alaska, to Stuttgart, Germany and everywhere in between. We loved the life but always dreamed of finding a reason to set our roots down. Like so many others, we knew it had to be Alaska; what we didn't realize is we would continue a family tradition of farming. We certainly never guessed it would be farming peonies!  Our farm has brought us so much joy, and our goal is to share the joy it brings to our family each day with  lovers of farms and flowers alike.

Every time we sell to a florist, an Alaskan bride, or a friend, we get a giddy feeling because we feel like we are sharing part of our family with them.  We take so much pride in seeing our beloved flowers in a beautiful wedding bouquet or displayed in a gorgeous arrangement by one of Alaska’s many florists. It’s easy to see why they are in demand. Alaska Peonies are unique among the rest. Alaska peonies are exceptional in every way. They reflect our state—big, bold, hardy, and beautiful its majestic diversity. It is reflected in the variety of gorgeous, hardy peonies we are able to produce on our farm. Alaska Peony blooms are as Alaskan as our salmon and our mountains.  We are so fortunate that our unique location and climate position us as a premier provider of world class  late season peonies and that the global market is eager to buy them in late summer. Living in Alaska has its ups and downs, but late-season peonies are a source of joy and beauty that we are happy to embrace.
Woman Powered: In Muscle and Love.
We are a woman-powered farm, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Rachel and her sister, planted the original peonies in 2011, their love and passion for flowers and family started this farm, and we hope to continue their dream. Shana, Cassidy, and Annawynn carry on their legacy as we pour ourselves into these gorgeous flowers.  We work hard, and we aren’t afraid to get dirty. From laying the peony beds to sleep for the winter, caring for the plants in the spring, and hand-harvesting our flowers in the summer, Alaska Blooms peonies are handled every step of the way with the utmost care and love. Careful handling ensures Alaska Blooms peonies are healthy, beautiful, and long-lasting. We love our flowers almost as much as we love our families. It is this love that sustains us.



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