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Alaska Blooms

Wedding Flowers


Getting married is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. It’s an extension and creation of family. When you purchase Alaska Blooms bridal peonies for your wedding, it’s a gift from our family to yours. An Alaska wedding is the perfect opportunity to use some show-stopping flowers. Big, bold, and elegant, these Alaskan beauties are a part of what makes this day unforgettable.

We know that planning for a wedding can be tricky and stressful. If you are a DIY bride or looking for a quick elopement in Alaska from mid-July to late August, then we can provide you with Alaskan grown, beautiful, delicate peony flowers.

Alaska Blooms gives you the local flair combined with top-notch quality. These classic flowers will give you that authentic Alaskan touch to your wedding.  We cherish our flowers as much as you will cherish your wedding day. We want your flowers to be as vibrant as you are, so we are confident in our blooms’ quality and longevity.  Alaska brides deserve Alaska Blooms. Our flowers will give your wedding sophistication and beauty.


Our exquisite peonies grace weddings with their beauty from mid-July through August, (Season dependant) offering an elegant touch to your special day. To ensure the perfect selection for your ceremony, we kindly ask that you reach out to us at least three weeks in advance, guaranteeing the availability of your desired blooms.

At Alaska Blooms Peony Farm, we boast a diverse array of peonies, perfect for crafting your dream wedding bouquets and stunning centerpieces. Among our cherished varieties, the pink peony wedding bouquet stands out as a favorite, celebrated for its romantic hue and lush, full-bodied presence. Let us add a touch of Alaska Blooms natural elegance to your wedding with our breathtaking peonies.

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