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Alaskan Brides deserve Alaskan bouquets

Among wedding flowers, peonies are the true blushing brides. Delicate, romantic, feminine, and aromatic, bridal peonies encapsulate what it means to be a bride. Once relegated to only early spring weddings in the Northeast and Midwest, Alaska’s late blooming peonies mean that peony wedding flowers are available from mid-July through the end of August. At Alaska Blooms Peony Farm, we specialize in providing flowers for peony bouquets and centerpieces.


Grown with love under the midnight sun

At Alaska Blooms Peony Farm, we offer Alaska peonies wholesale to our Anchorage and lower-48 market. Late-blooming peonies from Alaska mean that your customers can get Alaska peony flowers from mid-July to the end of August from our highly productive, grown with love, Alaska peony farm.

We specialize in wholesale peonies in late summer. We offer a large variety of peony flowers {see our varieties here} that are farm fresh, cut straight from our fields. We know quality is of the essence for our florists. Our peonies are a premium product through and through. Each Alaska Blooms’ peony is hand-selected in our fields at the ideal time, perfectly stored, and delicately packed to ensure you have the most breathtaking blooms to work with.

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