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Alaska Blooms


At Alaska Blooms Peony Farm, we offer Alaska peonies wholesale to our Anchorage and lower-48 market. Late-blooming peonies from Alaska mean that your customers can get Alaska peony flowers from mid-July to the end of August from our highly productive, grown with love, Alaska peony farm.

We specialize in wholesale peonies in late summer. We offer a large variety of peony flowers {see our varieties here} that are farm fresh, cut straight from our fields. We know quality is of the essence for our florists. Our peonies are a premium product through and through. Each Alaska Blooms’ peony is hand-selected in our fields at the ideal time, perfectly stored, and delicately packed to ensure you have the most breathtaking blooms to work with.


In-State Florists
As a family business, our community has supported us through it all. We see our peonies as a gift from our family, and that connection is what helps set us apart. Our local Anchorage florists take pride in our Alaska-grown peonies. There is something deeply special and very personal about using flowers that are grown and harvested in our state. It is a home connection. It’s about Alaskans helping Alaskans.

The florists we work with have seen the love we have for our flowers … our girls. Alaska Blooms peonies are handled with as much care and love as you will put into your floral creations. You can be assured that our product is well cared for from the moment they sprout from the ground to the moment they are delivered to you. We like to think of ourselves as flower midwives. We derive our greatest pleasure from our work, seeing our peony flowers successfully delivered to their Alaskan home.

On Wednesdays, we will deliver in Anchorage and the Matanuska Valley for our wholesale peony customers. Otherwise, we will ship anywhere in Alaska.


Lower-48 Florists
Now don’t think we have forgotten our “Southern” friends. Our legacy at Alaska Blooms begins and ends with our flowers. Our peonies aren’t just from any peony farm. They are a gift from our family to yours. Grown and harvested in Alaska, our peonies are as unique and unforgettable as the place from which they come.

Our operation is completely managed in-house. From growing to harvesting to packaging, we maintain our level of quality in our products. We want our flowers to come to your shop as fresh as possible. We know that journey is long, so we take the utmost care to grow, harvest, package, and ship them to you. Rest assured, your peonies will be sent with love.

What makes us different? Alaska Blooms are as unique as the land they come from. The late-harvesting season means that we can deliver a premium bloom to florists from around the country. We ship peonies nationwide. Our preferred shipping hubs are Memphis, Tennessee, and Indianapolis, Indiana. We love working directly with the nationwide wholesale flower markets.



We ship to our local and national customers from mid-July through the end of August.


We thrive on custom peony orders and offer many flower varieties. Our pricing plan varies based on quantity. Minimum orders start at 40 stems. Contact us for pricing.

We line our floral boxes with batting to cushion the buds and then add cold packs to preserve the peonies. Our peonies are shipped dry and will need water upon arrival. These Alaska Blooms are hardy girls. Once hydrated, they will revive within a few hours and last for a week or longer.

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