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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA subscription? 

Community sponsored agriculture (CSA) members are true partners in our efforts, promoting farm health and productivity by forming a consistent and reliable community of financial support, mutual respect, and creativity. In other words, your subscription provides us much needed funding outside of our regular season! In return you get the first pick of our crop, with four arrangements of 10-stem bouquets over four weeks. 

I don't want to subscribe, how can I buy your peonies?
We sell bouquets to the public on our website and at the farmers market! You can find us on the  find us page!

When do I get my subscription?

Nothing is certain when it comes to farming in Alaska! Usually pickup begins the second week of July, but depending on how hot or cold the season it, it can be earlier or later. We will always contact you a week in advance to let you know when pickup has begun. 

Where do I pick up my subscription?

We offer two pick-up locations. One in Wasilla, one in Anchorage. You will be emailed the location at the start of harvest, and can always find where we will be at the find us page on this website. (Can work out deliver options on a case by case basis)

I won't be able to make it to market, what do I do?

Give us a call and let us know an alternative name for pickup! 

Can I visit your farm?
We get very busy during the harvest season, and being family run do not have enough hands for drop in tours. We offer tour dates listed in our events page.

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