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Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Alaska Blooms with our exclusive Bloom Box Subscription. This isn't just a delivery; it's a four-week floral journey, bringing a touch of Alaskan-grown delights directly to your doorstep. Each week, savor the arrival of 20 meticulously chosen, freshly-cut stems, ensuring your home is filled with vibrant colors and delightful fragrances.


Opting for a gift? Simply include the lucky recipient's name in the shipping address, and transform their month with the unexpected joy of seasonal blooms.


Perfect for special occasions, heartfelt surprises, or your personal retreat into nature's marvels.

Bloom Box

  • A 100% Alaska-grown product, our peonies are grown, harvested, and packed from one Alaskan to another. We all take pride in our ability to buy sustainable and locally grown products, grown in our backyard. Our farm, Alaska Blooms Peony Farm, is as local as they come. We grow every peony with love, harvest it with great care, and delicately package it to come to your front door. We ensure the quality and longevity in your blooms … until the next week’s subscription comes in. You also get to have the bragging rights of having a flower found nowhere else on earth, and practically from your own backyard.

    With your flower subscription, your special someone will receive your gift each week, mid-July through mid-August. This four-week subscription provides 20 stems boxed and delivered to your front door with freshness guaranteed. In total, you or your special someone will receive 80 stems over four weeks. This incredible gift for a loved one is $550 including shipping to your front door.

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