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Caring for your Bloom

Peony cuts are a wonderful way to share the beauty and bounty of Alaska wherever you please. Not only that but Alaskan Peonies are famous for their hardiness, and you can expect up to seven days with proper care! All Alaskan Bloom peonies are harvested at the optimal stage for maximum life.

Washing Hands


Prepare the vase

Make sure your peonies new home is clean! Was your vase out with detergent and  bleach. Rinse thoroughly. 


prepare the stem

Cut any leaves that may be below the water line, this will prevent them from rotting. Immerse the stem into water and cut about 1/2 inch off while submersed. Cut the peony at an angle to allow maximum stem to water surface area.

Gardening Shears


on-going care

Place the vase in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Either use a packet of flower food, or change the water every couple of days.



  • If you want to speed up the opening of your peony, immerse it in warm water. 

  • You can extend the life of your peony by refrigerating it overnight, be cautious about two things however. One if refrigerated with fruit it will cause it to wither, two if it drops below 34 degrees it could damage the bloom.

  • If you don't have flower food, sugar can be used to extend the life of your blossom, but you must change the water frequently as bacteria growth is also encouraged by sugar.

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